About our Forensic Mortgage Securitization Audit

​A.J. Stephens and Associates is a professional loan forensic securitized auditing company located in Orlando, Florida. Our forensic mortgage securitization audit company is staffed with professional loan auditors that perform in-depth research to ensure that our client’s loan complies with all 335 federal regulations and laws that are in place for home mortgages.

President-Joseph Stephens

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Joseph Stephens, President of AJ Stephens & Associates, a company founded on the on the precepts of assisting families stay in their homes and communities. With over 16 years of experience as a compliance officer, mortgage broker, realtor and mortgage forensic auditor, he brings all his experience and dedication to the dinner table of every American family that is facing foreclosure.

It is our Mission:
To provide attorneys and homeowners with the services that allows them to fight illegal foreclosure actions. We do this by utilizing our advanced patented technology tools and our knowledge concerning the 335 extensive federal mortgage compliance legal rules that provide our clients and their attorney to gain leverage against the lenders and creditors that may not be conducting business in an ethical manner.

We Provide:
Thorough forensic loan audits that provide attorneys and homeowners the ability to take confidence in the high level of legal expertise and knowledge that we possess concerning the hundreds of applicable laws that affect borrows around the country. 

All of A.J. Stephens and Associates’ clients receive a complete 13 page customized report that clearly displays a Pass-Fail system which is easy to read and understand. This report cites all of the legal codes specially that may or may not be completed in accordance to the federal laws and regulations which are in place governing these types of loans. 

It is our intention to ensure that our clients can provide their attorneys with the documentation necessary to save the client both time and money when disputing an illegal foreclosure, loan modification or loan work out.

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