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​Welcome to A.J. Stephens & Associates. Our company is a forensic mortgage securitization auditing service provider that has been helping Americans around the country fight to keep their homes in a legal manner. While our company is not a loan modification provider, we do have professionals on staff that can perform the necessary research and a forensic mortgage securitization audit on your current home loan to see if it was handled in an honest and legal manner. The FDIC has stated that 83% of all home mortgages that were performed during 2001 and 2006 do not comply with federal lending laws that are in place. 

 At A.J. Stephens & Associates we will conduct a complete loan audit to ensure that your mortgage is compliant with the 335 federal lending laws out there. With the report that we will provide to you and the services of a reputable lawyer, you may be able to fight your home foreclosure for as much as 2 years without ever having to make a single mortgage payment. Our company believes that with the current housing meltdown occurring around the country it is important to fight the illegal acts that have taken place. This is not just a problem affecting the current homeowner that is being foreclosed upon – this is a problem facing 100% of Americans around the country. Let our company put their knowledge and experience to work for you and help save your family from these injustices.

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